Personal Healing Services

This choice works well for those with a focused goal in mind, and/or a long term plan that requires my special brand of help. Membership is extremely limited and acceptance is based on the needs of the patient and my ability to meet those needs. For consideration, please contact me in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Shape shifting weight management group

As a  participant, you will receive: An initial consultation discussing your personal weight loss goals, an overall assessment of your current health as well as any health concerns you may have. Weekly full body acupuncture treatment. (with electrical stimulation to the on both the belly fat and the digestive system that let it sit there.) Weekly auricular acupuncture “booster” treatment.  Entrance to our  support group weekly functions to join with others, to enhance your efforts, and to access to health, nutritional and motivational information. A personal journal to record their steps, progress, thoughts questions for upcoming sessions...You get the picture. Full support to meet your goal. Note* If your employer offers any type of incentive for health and fitness classes, we most likely; so get the paperwork and bring it in so we can apply it.

Acupuncture @ Healing Therapies in La Mesa

This one’s so easy! Schedule an appointment on line for either full service private room treatment or the equally effective, “less frills/less money” community style option. I will see you there!

Specializing in low tech, deep level guidance to balanced heath and well being.
— My head