Price is set by method of delivery rather than itemized service. This way, you choose the service level that best suites your individual needs. Then treatment plan price will be determined by those services we plan together.  All access options include first consultation.   

In order for you become a patient, you must first obtain access in one of the available "access portal" appointment types. All but one has a fee attached.

Example; You've joined the "personal healing" fold. You come up with, or already had an uncomplicated to treat single issue, for example pain, (anywhere but not everywhere.) insomnia, headache, incontinence, etc., I can swing by your house, meet you at one of my treatment set-ups, or in my home depending on our agreement when you joined. Space is very limited by location and number.   

Services are priced at various levels within the service types. I use many tools to help you regain balance in your health, life, spirit....it's up to you where you want to go......I believe the possibilities are endless!

Back here on earth in America; you might have insurance that pays for acupuncture. My usual and and customary fee schedule is Medicare(3).