Zen Chicken’s burn cream plus is just $29.95 and can relieve many many many types of skin irritation, burns, abnormal growths and scars. Raw herbs and herbal plasters range from .10-2.00 per gram. Grinding services are negotiable with 20.00 set up fee…..

I use many tools to help you regain balance in your health, life, spirit....it's up to you where you want to go......I believe the possibilities are endless! With that said, the HUCB stem cell product is at the top notch, estimates given upon request.

Services at Healing Therapies in La Mesa, prices range from $25 for auricular acupuncture to $160 for full service private room acupuncture treatments. Community Style Acupuncture for an affordable $60 per fully effective acupuncture treatment which includes both auricular and distal body needling.