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Redefining balance.

What to expect...Included in the initial consultation, is the treatment plan outlining our course of treatment to meet your specific needs. Future cost estimate based on that plan will be given and modified if needed at that time. 

Treatment can consist of a variety of methods. Acupuncture is the one that gets all the attention cause it works so well.  I am very good at this, without a doubt. Acupuncture is  personal exchange of energy between patient and practitioner, if you aren't comfortable, neither am I....don't give up on acupuncture, we can find a better fit.   

Internal Herbal formulas: As far as acupuncturists go....we range far and wide herbal use. Typically, we prescribe internal herbal formulas to ingest in a number of ways. I do this too, and it works well. I can create a custom herbal formula and make it for you  in a number of ways, it just depends on you. (easy pill or nasty tasting tea that works better-you choose)  

External herbal formulas: My love of "kitchen medicine" serves me well here. I don't hear of too many acupuncturists who do this. I make a "bone mending" powder that is getting excellent results on nerve pain. Remember, this is not science...bone=bone, teeth, joints, ligaments....get the point. Nothing is cut and dry in Chinese Medicinal theory, nor the people it serves.    

Moxa: I love moxa too....I use all forms of moxa with excellent results.

Cupping: of course, I do traditional FIRE cupping, cause in my opinion it works best and is by far the coolest.

Gua Sha: an indispensable technique to remove toxins and other "sandy" stuff from your muscle tissue. (the term, gua sha, loosely translates to "scraping sand" .


The balanced health and well being boat is about to sail.....grab your spot!