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Redefining balance.

What to expect...

Treatment can consist of a variety of methods. Acupuncture is the one that gets all the attention cause it works so well.  I am very good at this, without a doubt. Acupuncture is  personal exchange of energy between patient and practitioner, if you aren't comfortable, neither am I....don't give up on acupuncture, we can find a better fit.   

Internal Herbal formulas: As far as acupuncturists go....we range far and wide herbal use. Typically, we prescribe internal herbal formulas to ingest in a number of ways. I do this too, and it works well. I can create a custom herbal formula and make it for you  in a number of ways, it just depends on you. (easy pill or nasty tasting tea that works better-you choose)  

External herbal formulas: My love of "kitchen medicine" serves me well here. I don't hear of too many acupuncturists who do this. I make a "bone mending" powder that is getting excellent results on nerve pain. Remember, this is not science...bone=bone, teeth, joints, ligaments....get the point. Nothing is cut and dry in Chinese Medicinal theory, nor the people it serves.    

Moxa: I love moxa too....I use all forms of moxa with excellent results.

Cupping: of course, I do traditional FIRE cupping, cause in my opinion it works best and is by far the coolest.

Gua Sha: an indispensable technique to remove toxins and other "sandy" stuff from your muscle tissue. (the term, gua sha, loosely translates to "scraping sand" .


The balanced health and well being boat is about to sail.....grab your spot!